Born on: July 7th, 1978

Lives in: Fort Lee, NJ

Does: Writing, Game Development (Unity/C#, Haxe, occasional JavaScript)

Attended: SUNY Binghamton, 1996-2003.
MA Creative Writing
BS Computer Science
BA Creative Writing

Recent Complete Projects

Revolutionary Choices (app store). I made this with Playmatics for the Society of the Cincinnatis

The Last Sentinel, my own remake of the classic Intellivison/Atari game Atlantis, with some spins involving a hybrid flying saucer/middle turret (it transforms) and a night market to buy better equipment. For Mac and PC.

Crowdstrike's Race to Anywhere - a short 3D racing game made with WebGL, for Crowdstrike (made with Playmatics).

E.C. The Extra Cartridges, a parody of E.T. where you play Howard Scott Warshaw digging for E.T. cartridges in the New Mexico desert while avoiding Ray Kassar (be kind, I made this entire thing in two weeks of moonlighting!).

Perler Invaders, a simple Space Invaders-like minigame that I made by turning my son's perler bead board into a video game interface.

Game Proofs of Concept

CellCraft Unity, footage from a remake I'm doing of the classic Flash game CellCraft (originally programmed by Lars Doucet).

Kingdom Blitz, an unfinished (but cool looking, if I do say so myself) html5/backbone.js game demo I made for a friend.

Paranoia, a 360 degree Space Invaders style game concept with a match-3 mechanic at the bottom; squares give power-up and disappear when you make matches, but you can refill them by shooting enemies.

Notable Published Fiction

Autumn Woman, Daily Science Fiction.

Gullible Georgina Agravaine, Daily Science Fiction

Last Resort, Intergalactic Medicine Show

Escape From Planet Error, a story in the Dark Expanse video game universe, published in this anthology.

Watermark, Fantasy Magazine. Later turned into a podcast by Podcastle

Upcoming Books

A Selective History of 'Bad' Video Games (White Owl Publishing, February 2023)