Michael Greenhut

Game Writer

Recently Completed Projects

Cadence Ford (app store). I made this with Playmatics for OneLove, using my visual novel engine that takes input from Google Sheets and pipes it directly to Unity animations. It's a visual novel about relationship positivity for teens.

Revolutionary Choices (app store). I made this with Playmatics for the Society of the Cincinnatis

The Last Sentinel, my own remake of the classic Intellivison/Atari game Atlantis, with some spins involving a hybrid flying saucer/middle turret (it transforms) and a night market to buy better equipment. For Mac and PC.

Crowdstrike's Race to Anywhere - a short 3D racing game made with WebGL, for Crowdstrike (made with Playmatics).

E.C. The Extra Cartridges, a parody of E.T. where you play Howard Scott Warshaw digging for E.T. cartridges in the New Mexico desert while avoiding Ray Kassar (be kind, I made this entire thing in two weeks of moonlighting!).

Perler Invaders, a simple Space Invaders-like minigame that I made by turning my son's perler bead board into a video game interface.

Game Proofs of Concept

CellCraft Unity, footage from a remake I'm doing of the classic Flash game CellCraft (originally programmed by Lars Doucet).

Kingdom Blitz, an unfinished (but cool looking, if I do say so myself) html5/backbone.js game demo I made for a friend.

Paranoia, a 360 degree Space Invaders style game concept with a match-3 mechanic at the bottom; squares give power-up and disappear when you make matches, but you can refill them by shooting enemies.

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